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Facial Shapes

While any of these formal hairstyles is a matter of individual choice, the following information may help you decide.   Beauty experts conclude that the most effective facial shape is oval. But, since a very small percentage of women have oval-shaped faces, beauticians have developed a technique called "silhouette."   This involves styling hair around the face to create an overall oval shape.   For example, a round or square face would benefit from formal hairstyles that give height at the top, but brushed close to the head at the sides.   A long or narrow facial shape needs formal hairstyles that minimizes height at the top, but adds volume to the sides.

Round, square and heart shaped faces are better complemented by formal hairstyles that add height to the top.   Adding fullness and volume to the top and brushing the sides close to the head will create an overall oval look.

Almost any of the formal hairstyles that you choose will complement an oval face shape.   A formal hairstyle which allows for fullness at the sides and minimizes height at the top is the best for a longer face.

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